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Back to you Jenn: The Weather Channel interviews René Pinnell about Forecast

July 19, 2011

Jenn and Steph of the Weather Channel interviewed René Pinnell (CEO & Designer) about Forecast. When they asked René on the show we thought they were confused. We explained that Forecast has NOTHING to do with weather but they could not be deterred. See if you can spot Jenn’s hilarious eye-roll at the end. Not sure if she’s rolling her eyes at René or the infinite absurdity of TV “News.”

Check out our totally ridiculous debute on national TV:

Also thank you to Lexie Kier for her awesome post on Zeitgeist on Ice. Check it out here.


Forecast Growth @ 1 Month

July 18, 2011

Since launching our private beta a month ago, we’ve seen our user base double every week. On average, every user invites 25 of their friends to join Forecast and more than one friend signs up per user. We’re sticky too; 10% of our users forecast every day!

Here’s a cool snap shot of people forecasting around the world.

Forecast in The Next Web

July 15, 2011

Courtney Boyd Myers is the East Coast editor of The Next Web. She began her career writing about robots. She loves magnets + reading on a Kindle and now she can add one more laurel to her career — writing a great post about Forecast. This is probably my favorite post so far about Forecast. Great use case.

Check it out here.

“Last night I had plans to attend a movie premiere followed by drinks at an after party. I wasn’t sure who else was going to the after party and I wanted to make sure at least a few of my media savvy friends were in. So I opened the Forecast app, tapped the Forecast button and made it known to my Foursquare friends that I was hitting up Drinks at Denton’s at 10pm. Immediately, everyone using Forecast who’s also my Foursquare friend received a push notification of my plan. 5 minutes later, my friend Jenna shared that she was planning on going too. Sweet.” – Courtney Boyd Myers

AppScout gets Forecast

July 15, 2011

Our friend Terrance Gaines from AppScout wrote an awesome post on Forecast.

Check it out here.

AboutFoursquare blogs AboutForecast

July 15, 2011

The About Foursquare blog wrote a great post about Forecast.

“Forecast is easy to use and makes it fun to plan meetups with your friends, in a way that us less-spontaneous users can handle. Out in the suburbs, it’s hard to meet up with someone based purely on their foursquare checkin. They’ll likely be gone by the time you get in the car and get there. When I’ve got a little warning, I can make plans and be there at the same time they are.” – AboutFoursqaure

Check it out here.

AppAdvice recommends Forecast

July 15, 2011

Bryan Wolfe of AppAdvice wrote a nice post about Forecast. My favorite quote is: “The end-result could be a game-changer in the world of social networking.” Thanks Bryan. 🙂

Check it out here.

Forecast in the NYTimes

July 14, 2011

Jenna Wortham wrote a great post in the NYTimes Bits Blog about Forecast. Check it out here.